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  • Preparing For the Edmonton International Fringe Festival

    It’s amazing how quickly time moves Michael Gurney and I have a show hitting the road in just under Read More
  • Woman Impersonates Elderly Mother For Driver's Test?!

     A driving test is one of those things you just have to do yourself. A Canadian woman
     is now facing criminal charges after police say she impersonated her elderly mother 
    in an attempt to take her driving test for her.
     Global says the driving instructor became suspicious after the 73-year-old woman who
     was scheduled to take her driving test appeared to be a much younger woman wearing a
     wig, glasses and clothes more suited to an older person. Police were called, and they
     discovered the test-taker was actually the woman's 39-year-old daughter. Why would 
    you want to do this?! There’s got to be a reason grandma isn’t driving. 
    The woman was arrested and charged with one count of impersonating an adult. She’s
     39 and accused of impersonating an adult?! 
    Well, I guess I get accused of that on the daily as well. 
    Read More


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Three Vehicle Crash Sends Several People to Hospital in Prince Rupert
A three-vehicle crash closed off McBride Street in Prince Rupert for a while yesterday. RCMP Sergeant Dave Uppal says a vehicle heading south on McBride collided with two vehicles heading north. "At 4:50pm yesterday afternoon, ... Read more...

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Judge blocks planned sale of Whitney Houston's Emmy Award

LOS ANGELES — A federal judge blocked the sale of an Emmy Award that Whitney Houston won 30 years ago after it was put on the auction block by the late singer's family.



Michael Herr, author of the Vietnam-era 'Dispatches,' dies

NEW YORK — Michael Herr, the author and Oscar-nominated screenplay writer who viscerally documented the ravages of the Vietnam War through his classic nonfiction novel "Dispatches" and through such films as "Apocalypse Now" and "Full Metal Jacket," died Thursday after a long illness. He was 76.


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