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  • Can We Be Friends?

    Eurovision is a 60 year old TV show and competition similar to shows like The Voice and X Factor. The contestants essentially Read More
  • Amy's New Summer Diet

    If you want to eat less, try an exercise of the mind. A study from theNetherlandsreports that a brief meditation may help you control your appetite. Hungry people ate fewer cookies after a 14 minute "body scan," during which they shifted their attention to different body parts and noticed their sensations, than those who didn't do the exercise. I can see this working, maybe not in the middle of a restaurant but I know I would eat less cookies if all I had to do was …. Read More
  • Technology Takes a Break

    It’s amazing how present technology is in our daily lives. I find it almost impossible to avoid Read More



Bulkley River Expected to Peak This Weekend
UPDATED WEDNESDAY MORNING -- NECHAKO ALSO RISING The rising of Bulkley River is going to get worse, before it gets better. The River Forecast Centre has once again updated its flood watch and says it's ... Read more...

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Emily Carr work expected to fetch up to $600,000 at Heffel spring auction

VANCOUVER - Paintings by Canadian artists Emily Carr, Paul-Emile Borduas and Tom Thomson are among the highlights of tonight's Heffel spring auction in Vancouver.



As TV viewers watch more online, Suddenlink offering cable subscribers Hulu as well as Netflix

NEW YORK, N.Y. - TV watchers are going online, and cable companies are following them there.


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