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  • You Get Become Hardcore Henry in a New Movie

    Hardcore Henry is a new film that puts you in the driver’s seat and it’s bound to be a viewing unique experience. The movie is shot entirely from a first person Perspective, so you will get to Read More
  • Back That Up! Flash Drive, That Is

    Got any old flash drives lying around? There's a growing movement to get them into the hands of ordinary North Koreans, loaded with Western movies and TV shows in the hopes of offering a more realistic look at the outside world. The grass-roots effort actually started in March of last year and now groups hope to smuggle in at least 2,000 of the USB drives into North Korea each month. One rep of a USB-smuggling operation says, "It's literally a key that will unlock a new world for North Koreans. It's important that they see 'people in the outside world that I don't know are sending me these thumb drives,' which she says plants the seed "that maybe North Americans aren't the big bad enemy after all." Read More


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Tsimshian Leaders Welcome Assessment of Pacific Northwest LNG Project
Leaders representing four Tsimshian First Nations are welcoming the conclusion of an environmental assessment that Pacific Northwest LNG's proposed terminal at Lelu Island would not significantly harm the Skeena salmon fishery. However, they also say ... Read more...

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ESPN's Steele cuts off Arcade Fire's Butler when Canadian musician talks politics

TORONTO - Arcade Fire singer Win Butler and ESPN reporter Sage Steele had an awkward moment on Friday night at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game after the musician was named the game's MVP.



At Westminster, border collies the breed to beat for agility

NEW YORK, N.Y. - As they scramble and spring through the obstacle course, the question is this: Can anyone beat the border collies?


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